Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess What?!

In lab today we inserted catheters into dummy's! We irrigated bladders! We irrigated wounds! We packed wounds! YIPEE! It was an exciting day in the lab!

Luckily, we finished up early and I got home right before the kids nap time! That means I got to nap too! Well, sorta, Elijah decided to wake up after only 40 minutes and poop his pants, on my bed!!!! So, nap time was short, way too short considering I work tonight, all night. Hopefully I will be able to get home and sleep an hour before the kids are up for the day because mothering two busy little boys all day after an exhausting week and no sleep the night before can be frustrating. But, its been done before, so I will survive, even if I do break down in tears a few times during the day.

G'night All!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cabin Fever

I know I promised to post Part 2 of "Are you being poisoned" and I will, just not till this weekend, I'm still working on it.

Wow, I am so exhausted! This week has taken its toll on me and its not even quite Thursday yet.
I have been doing my best to get to bed early- that usually ends up being about 1 am for me! I like to take my shower, dry my hair, and straighten it before I go to bed so that I don't have to wake up early and do it (or more often risk not getting it done when I over sleep until 30 minutes before I have to be at class which is becoming a terrible habit!). But before I do any of that I have been trying to get back into my workout/ weight loss routine. I was doing really well for a while there. I had lost worked off 18 lbs since I started getting serious about it in the end of October. Since this semester started January 25th though I had completely quit working out and stopped eating well/ eating more than I need to. Well, its been about a month of that now and I have gained 5 lbs back! I am so disappointed in myself! So, this week I have worked out every night and have been eating like I should. I just need to work my butt off to get homework done and make time to workout rather than just resigning myself to the "I don't have time now" attitude. That's not going to get me anywhere but fat!

The kids have really been wearing me down. I get home from school every day and am immediately bombarded with clinging, and whining, and crying, and trouble making, and fit-throwing, and injurious to one another kiddo's. Its got to be cabin fever. It SUCKS! Really I wish I could take the kids out- anywhere, for a change of scenery but Rich always has to take the car, and it has the car seats in it, so we are stuck at home to suffer (and drive one another crazy!) together.
Do they offer immunizations against cabin fever?! I think we will each take a dose or two, please!

The weather had better start shaping up in March! I keep checking the 7 day forecasts longing, hoping, to see 50's and 60's in the near future but instead am brought to sobbing and tears daily with 20's for highs and -6's for lows!
I am already making plans for my garden! I am going to start placing orders this weekend for my heirloom seeds and plants! Yes, you read that right:
heirloom! I am going to collect and save seeds from this year for next year! Why would I want to buy seeds every year when I can use ones from the year before?! I am so excited! Seriously, whenever I start thinking about my garden I feel like I need to jump out of my skin with excitement! Here is Elijah helping me pick out watermelons and tomatoes!

Can you tell he is just as excited as me?!

Here are a few more random pics from this week before I drag myself from Blogosphere for the night.

Here is the Master of Silly Faces himself!

He calls this one his "serious kiss" face:

See this cute 'lil guy sporting his Baltic Amber teething necklace and Bummis diaper cover?

He's a
tough MAN!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are you getting poisoned every time you take a bite? Part 1

While cooking isn't one of my passions, providing and cooking meals for my family that are truly healthy and nutritious is. Do you really know what is in your food? Most likely there are more things in your food than you could ever even imagine, let alone pronounce! Grab something, anything, from your cupboard, look at the ingredient list! Why in the world would there need to be 50 different ingredients in one simple can of cream of mushroom soup?! What the heck is all that stuff? Do you have any idea? Do you even care? Most people don't know or care! if it is on the shelf, getting sold, then consumed by millions of people across America everyday that it must be safe right?!? Watch this video then take a moment to think again about what you put into your body and your family's body everyday and tell me your thoughts- anything you think about this (I'm a comment whore! I love getting comments on my blog! lol!)
In a few days I will post Part 2 of " Are you getting poisoned every time you take a bite?"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Should I be embarrassed?!

I got this in the mail today

Honestly, I 'm disappointed in myself- I SHOULD have had a 4.0 but one freaking A- brought me down to a 3.93!!! :(

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too High

So, maybe my resolution about blogging everyday was just a little unrealistic! I think I will have to aim for once or twice a week- that is a little more achievable I think!

The past week was crazy busy! I barely had time to catch my breath! There is just so much "extra" stuff I have been having to do for clinicals outside of class time- like
many hours long orientation into the hospital where we are doing our clinicals, computer training for the hospital, Mandatory Reporter Class, BLS (Basic Life Support) for Health Care Providers that lasted until 10pm yesterday. . . A million other things! I have been away from home and the kids much more than with them! So, on top of still being sick, the kiddo's have been having a very difficult time adjusting to seeing their mama so little. I have been having a difficult time adjusting to being away from them so much! It breaks my heart!

Today I got a
MUCH needed day off from classes! Although most of the day was spent running odd errands and taking Mr. Miserable Sam to see his pediatrician (he is fine, just suffering from a nasty 2 week cold that's running around town), I feel refreshed and ready for my 8am-2pm shift at school then I have to be at work at 10pm-7am! Yay! NOT!

I seriously cannot believe it is February already! My 25th birthday is in 8 days! Wowza! I'm getting old LOL! Only next month we will be able to celebrate the Fist Day of Spring!!!!!

Here are some pic's of our week:

A self-portrait from silly Eli!
Snuggling in my bed after bath time!

Just bein' silly!
Intently studying pictures in one of my text books of some nasty pressure ulcers!

Loving on his new Thomas blanket!
Look closely- he found a blue permanent marker and decided his Engines all needed a make-over!
Sam's new best friend: Yoda!

Just some cuteness!
And silliness for good measure!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Made it!

No, they didn't cancel classes. It was only a blizzard. . . 50 mile hour winds. . . White out conditions. . . 6 foot high drifts across the roads. . . Nah, that's no reason to cancel school or start 2 hours late- this is IOWA!!!!

Thanks to my bro' Jake driving me, I made it to school! "Busting" through the drifts, sliding around a bit, me, white knuckles hanging on for dear life, completely freaked out. . .
We made it!!!

Wow, first day of class. . . All I can say is I am completely overwhelmed and already in a state of panic!

Some hours later I got home from class to Mr. Sicky #2 needing his mama. Elijah was on the mend today but here is poor Sam, fever of 101.8 and completely miserable!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wow! I can't believe how easy it is to get behind on here! SOOOO SORRY!!!

The few days I didn't post were crazy, in an odd sort of way. I had to work Thursday night so I was pretty much useless Friday. The weekend was, well just a weekend, and I'm not really in the mood to go into details and I'm pretty sure I would bore your eyes out anyway! LOL!

Or at least I am supposed to but alas, apparently someone, somewhere, thought since we melted an inch or two off the 43 inches of snow we have gotten over the course of this winter, we needed a few more. :( Currently, it is VERY windy and snow is falling heavily. :( :( :(

Out my front window right now:

Soooooo. . . .

I will have to make sure and see if classes are canceled, late-start, or on time before I head out the door. In a way I really hope they are not canceled because I have been waiting for this day for quite a few years now. In another way, I hope they are canceled because Elijah was one sick cookie today. He had a temp all day and was lethargic and refused to eat and drink anything but maybe 4 teeny tiny sips of water and maybe a whole 6 individual Life cereal pieces all day! Poor cookie!
I have been feeling sickly all this evening too and am fairly certain I have a fever now. :(

Here is Mr. Sicky. He passed out in the recliner tonight.

The poor thing looks really pale doesn't he? Hopefully we all will be back to our normal selves tomorrow!